Friday, August 14, 2015

Remembering things that mean something to me

Everyone remembers the ones they love in special ways.  I'm no different.  I think of Chad only when I'm breathing and I remember anything and everything that makes me think of him.  Some are the good things, funny things, and even the gross things.  All those things are what made up my wonderful son and gave me more purpose in life than I thought was possible.

Just thinking back on some of those things I remember so well this week and thought I would jot them down so when the ages of time creep in on me, I won't forget.

I remember a very energetic little boy with curls that went on for days.  Always barefoot and usually with a "Sassy" in his mouth.  He spoke very few words, but had a smile like an angel.  I remember him climbing into the dryer to hide and then climbing into the refrigerator and onto one of the shelves and just sat down.  He climbed on top of the refrigerator once.

I remember him pretending to be Pippie Long Stocking and holding on to the rails above my garden tub with his feet on my wall then leaping into the air saying he could fly just to land on his little feet spraining both ankles. 

I remember him following a dog down the street while we were working in the yard only to find the local policeman driving him back home. 

I remember him singing his little heart out to Allen Jackson's song "Wanted".  Praying for a snake he thought BoBo ran over on the way home from church for over a year. 

I remember he and Jessica playing countless hours together and how much he loved her always.  I remember him singing to the top of his lungs at her funeral the song she loved by Celine Dion "Because You Loved Me".

I remember the way he would sleep in the oddest positions in his oversized chair.  How he didn't look like a question mark when he stood up was beyond me.  How he could sleep sitting in the car seat with his head on his lap and how Tebo's girls teased him and pestered him all the way to New Mexico for Thanksgiving one year while he may have spoken 2 words total.

I remember him asking for a fry daddy for Christmas one year from BoBo & Nana so he could deep fry squirrel for his buddies.  I remember coming home to find little naked squirrels in my kitchen sink.

I remember his weak stomach.  How could he be so strong and tough to become a Marine and yet not be able to smell boil eggs without gagging.  How if he just thought about someone else throwing up that he would throw up.  Oh, and when he would throw up how he would yell, "Momma" and as I touched his back he would yell "don't touch me" and then immediately yell, "Momma" again. 

I remember his dreams and what he always wanted to do.  He was going to be a police officer at some point and I believe had he made it home and once he left the Marine Corps that is what he would have done. 

I remember his love and passion for sports and especially college football (TN Vols) and Peyton Manning. 

I remember how he would fret and worry about BoBo and would always make me promise I would make sure he was ok so he would always be around for him.  Ironic when I think of that now.

I remember how he would hug me and how tight he would hold on when he just needed a little comfort. I remember that crooked smile and those eyes.  Oh how those eyes would twinkle when he smiled and laughed. 

I remember him breaking his hand to defend a girl's honor.  That broken hand cost him his job, but he would have done it all over again given the same situation.

I remember his loyalty to family and friends.  I love this about him.  I love how once you were in with him, you were in, but don't ever cross him, because he could be done too.

I love his faithfulness to his convictions.  He was definitely a loyal and faithful person.

I remember what a great son I already thought he was, but then being yet more amazed at the fine young man/Marine he turned into. 

There are so many things that I remember on a regular basis and I'm grateful for every memory.  I'm grateful for the times we had date night every week and how he faithfully gave me that night.  Those are all memories I will cherish always.

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