Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Show no emotion

If I'm told one more time not to show emotion in my job I may just go Redneck crazy!  I don't necessarily call it "emotion".  I call it "passion" to do a good job and taking pride in the job that I do.  There is always a place and time to play nice and speak "fluffy" words and there is another time you can show passion in your job and for the job you do.
When did having passion for doing a good job become a bad thing?  Well, apparently I missed the memo that said to check my passion and drive at the door before walking into work.
I guess from now on I will need to take a deep breath before exiting the car in the mornings and leave all feelings there and just be a robot throughout the day, but don't come back to me and act like I don't care or I have given up.  You can't have it both ways.  I either be me and have passion and drive at my job or I don't.  You don't get both! 
For as long as I am obligated to work I will do my best to leave emotion out.  Heck, I have to leave how my heart really feels out of everything else anyway if I'm around people why not leave this out too.  Ok, check, you've got it!  DONE!

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