Thursday, July 30, 2015

Baby boy

Me & Chad Christmas... Loved those little gowns
To think I went from being told I would most likely not be able to get pregnant to having a child that just blessed me in ways I didn't know were possible.  I knew children changed your life and were a blessing, but I completely under estimated just how much of a blessing he would truly be.

See, for most of his life it was just me and Chad. We had to depend on each other for whatever this crazy world decided to offer up.  We shared joys, grief, accomplishments, and failures. We were hyper and dorky together.  We just worked well together.  

When he was really young there was a song about a groovy kind of love (I can't remember much else about it) but when it would come on the radio in the car we would just sing as loud as we could and sing to each other.  That was a good way to describe our relationship.  We sang in the car a lot.  That boy loved music and if he really liked a song he would sing it with all he had in him. I miss that.  I miss everything about him. This world is just not the same without him and it never will be. 

Sweet baby boy
At church Collierville Assembly of God
Me & him at BoBo & Nana's house in Fisherville
Promise the stove wasn't on.  He climbed in the pot so I had to put him up there
Me with Chad & Jessica - <3
Graduation from high school weekend
Me & him shortly after moving to AR

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