Tuesday, August 18, 2015

America today

Something that weighs heavy on my heart these days is the fact that our country seems to have priorities and focus on the wrong things.  Just look at what our media deems important news.  They deem it important, because apparently the American people have somehow shown those are the things they are interested in. 
Rather than spot lighting a man who in his 60's determined he would be happier and "more himself" if he changed his identity and body to that of a woman. Not only does he get his own TV show, but he is spotlighted as a hero and courageous.  Even going as far as being honored with such an award on the Espies. 
What about our American heroes who come home wounded physically and mentally and still managed to do great things in their communities and for our country?  What about those people who are terminally ill, but still manage to fight and do for others?  What about parents and loved ones that lost someone in the war (a war by the way that is continuing) and continue to give back and honor and show tribute to those that continued to sacrifice so much?
We had the honor of watching and Tebo even played with the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team in the Annual Tyson Softball Tournament this past weekend.  You should check these heroes out at http://woundedwarrioramputeesoftballteam.org/ and just see what they refuse to allow their injuries and loss of limbs keep them from living a full and productive life. 
Also, if you have never visited the site Honor The Fallen I encourage you to do so at http://thefallen.militarytimes.com/.  It should truly make you sad to know that there are so many even on this wall of honor. 
According to http://journalistsresource.org/studies/government/security-military/us-military-casualty-statistics-costs-war-iraq-afghanistan-post-911 Post 911:
  • During the Iraq War, 4,475 U.S. service members were killed and 32,220 were wounded; in Afghanistan, 2,165 have been killed and 18,230 wounded through Feb. 5, 2013.
  • Among service members deployed in these conflicts, 103,792 were diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) over the period 2002 to December 2012. Over that same period, 253,330 service members were diagnosed with a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) of some kind.
  • As a result of battle injuries in the Iraq War, 991 service members received wounds that required amputations; 797 lost major limbs, such as a leg. In Afghanistan, 724 have had to undergo amputations, with 696 losing a major limb.
  • If these statistics aren't enough to continue to be on the minds of Americans to include our media then we as Americans should not be surprised at the downfall and corruption we are seeing in America today.
    I'm saddened at the things our country has chosen to find news worthy and important enough to start all these causes and not to mention the riots some deem important enough to fight for. 
    We continue to lose American military men and women every day fighting a war that feels so many have forgotten.  We need to get back to the basics America!  We need a President that stands on the values this country was first founded on and we need to be outraged at the things going on in our country! 
    If this war in these other countries is never going to end among their own people then maybe we need to consider bringing our men and women home to the states and deploy them to these cities and states where people would like to focus more on our police officers that are trying to enforce the law rather than trying to make these criminals look like the victim and in some cases heroes themselves.  Here is the cold hard fact, these criminals wouldn't be shot or handled roughly if they weren't breaking the law and potentially putting our law enforcement in harms way.  Besides, if these people who want to riot and destroy the very towns/cities they live in because of race, then why aren't they doing the same thing when the tables are turned and it is a white criminal that has either been killed or physically hurt when police are trying to take them in?  Where is the fairness in all of that?  If we as Americans want justice for one it should be justice for all and be done in the same fairness and equality for all.  That is not happening.
    In my own personal opinion (right or wrong), we have a lot of people out there number one with too much time on their hands, so get busy doing good work for yourselves or someone else.  Secondly, fight for something real!  If criminals don't want to be mistreated (in their opinion) or take the chance of being shot at then stop breaking the law and running from police!  That is a very simple fix for that.  For those that find it necessary to riot and bring attention to all this "lives matter" mess, then make sure you are including ALL Lives!  You are part of the problem when you make it seem ok that these people who are breaking the law to just cry fowl and suddenly they are now the victim and we have law enforcement with their hands tied to truly do their job.
    Or here is another thought, put as much of your passion into making sure that our active service members still fighting for you to have the right to do the things you do either lawful or not.  Remember, if it weren't for them out there risking life and limbs for all of us you wouldn't be allowed to do the things that you do.
    We as a country are forgetting the important things in life and that to me is far worse than what our media and people in this country that tend to have nothing better to do than fight a fight that is not theirs to even fight.
    Please Lord, heal this country and change the hearts of all Americans.

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