Friday, March 11, 2016

Fathers be Fathers

I know there are a lot of great fathers/dads out there.  I have an amazing one and my husband is an amazing father, but there are many out there that either don't understand how to be a great father or just don't care enough.

I know this can go for mothers too so don't think I'm just pointing the finger at fathers, because I know many mothers that need to figure out how to be a good mom, but since the father piece of this is what impacted my son's life, that's what I am most focused on at this time.

Sadly, my son did not have a great father.  He had every opportunity to be a great father and while he would like to blame me for his lack of involvement with his son, it all falls on him.  Fortunately Chad had my daddy and eventually had my husband to be that father figure he was missing and honestly, I believe he ended up on the better end of that situation.  However, I know (especially when you read what he posted in May 2010) it impacted him greatly. 

I'm not going to say much else, instead, I will let his son say it for me.  If you have a child that feels this strongly that he would post something on Face Book (and ironically the same year he would lose his life in war), then you know that being absent impacts your child more than you can even imagine.

I believe that what Chad wrote, he meant.  I know he went out of his way to be a great husband and he would have been an amazing father.  I can say that with confidence, because I saw how amazing he was with other children and especially his nieces and nephews and his cousins.  He definitely learned what NOT to do and for that I am proud of him.

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