Wednesday, July 22, 2015

When you have had enough

It's been one of those months.  I would say day, but it feels like this has just hung around and hung around that I can only adequately describe it as "one of those months". 

Work is insane to say the very least.  I've been doing my current position for 6 years and honestly it feels like every year they change something about it, but the changes we are currently going through and even more changes to come in the next 80 days is a bit over the top.  I feel extremely overwhelmed and frustrated and at the same time, there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. 

Then all sets of parents are having their own issues.  When there is distance between us and only so many kids that live close enough to actually physically be there to help it makes it very difficult.  I'm fortunate that I have a sister with each set of parents on my side that can be there and a sister on Tebo's side that can be there for his mom, but it doesn't make it any easier knowing you can't do it all and then when you do have a weekend without company or an event, you really need to be with the parents. 

Life is just a bit out of control these days.  I know I'm not getting all I need to get done at my own house let alone doing extra for the parents.  It seems to always be one thing or another.

I also know I'm not the only one dealing with this.  My sisters that are closer geographically to the parents have lives and jobs as well so I feel terrible that their lives are disrupted like they are and that I can't be more hands on than I am and I certainly hate to complain to them, but hey, that's what sisters are for, right?  I would expect them to complain to me and even though we all know there is nothing any of us can do about it, sometimes it just feels better to get it off your chest and move on.

So that's what I did today.  It quite possibly kept me from going "Redneck Crazy" on people at work and allowed me to just get it off my chest for a moment so I could at least finish out the day without breaking down in tears.  Besides, what good would crying do outside of giving me a cry headache and we all know how hard it is to get rid of those rascals. 

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