Thursday, October 22, 2015

I'm Sorry...

Very short sentence, but powerful and for some impossible to say. 
I'm so glad I am not the kind of person who can't say "I'm Sorry". Heck, there have been times when I apologize for either no reason or reasons I'm not aware of just to make things right with a person. I've also been known to apologize for other people. 
Why is it so difficult for some to utter those little words especially when they can move mountains with another human being. 
I do not want to leave this world with so much pride or anger or whatever it is that I cannot apologize to a person. 
Stop and think for a moment when you last apologized for something. Hopefully it hasn't been very long or if it has I hope it's because you're an awesome person who never makes mistakes or hurts others, because frankly, that would ROCK!
I tend to believe that most people are good at heart and while we all make mistakes (and sometimes might not even realize it) I choose to believe that most want to do right by others. 
So, I will practice what I write and say I'm sorry if you are reading this and I've hurt you or wronged you in any way.   I prefer to say that to you face to face or over the phone and if I haven't apologized to you in one of those two manners it is because I am unaware that I have hurt or wronged you so please take this as an invitation to let me know so I can make things right.  That's all.... 

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