Friday, October 9, 2015

Funny thing about dates

I am one of those people that marks my calendar with any and every event, especially if it pertains to my kids or family.  So, today marked Ashley Willhoite's birthday (Happy Birthday Ashley) and also the date that Chad and Zach Willhoite's contract would have ended with the USMC 4 years ago.  I don't know why that is still on my calendar, but now there is no way I can remove that reminder.  I have it marked on my calendar the day I took Chad to Kansas City to get on that bus that would eventually get him to boot camp.  I have the date he graduated boot camp and entered SOI (school of infantry).  I have other crazy events on my calendar that most people would think, why in the world would she have that, well, that's just how I roll I guess.  Just like October 17th was the date Zach and RoRo were leaving Afghanistan and February 10, 2009 Chad left Kuwait heading to Iraq.  I still have the day Chad signed his official Marine Corps papers, July 2, 2007 and he went to Kansas City for that as well, but rode with his recruiter rather than have me drive him there.  I keep the usual birthdays, anniversaries, and special dates as well, but anything that I believe might mean something to me or someone else and I don't want to risk forgetting, I put it on my calendar with reminders.  It probably means more to me to remember than it does the person I am remembering, but that's ok by me too.
So, with that being said, we have significant dates coming up that are never easy to remember, but for me, they are very important to never forget.  Just like, October 10th marks the day our little Jessie Bo took her last breath in 1996.  She was just 9 days shy of her 9th birthday.  It just so happens that on that same day this year our other sister, Amanda and her family will be celebrating the life of her father-in-law, Larry who passed away Tuesday this week (Oct. 6th).  It will be a sad and difficult day for our family as one sister is there to encourage and lift up the other sister on a day that is going to be heart wrenching for them and just as heart wrenching for her as she remembers that same day 19 years ago when she had to say good-bye to her first born.
I feel sure that we all have certain dates that just stick with us even if it may seem small to others, but they are big to us.  I probably do have more than the average bear and I don't see that changing any time soon and I tend to believe that's ok.
I just believe that if those dates are important enough to mark your calendar then they are important, period.  I know for myself, if it happens to be a date that is significant and important to me personally and someone else takes the time to reach out or just in some small way let me know they are thinking of me on that date, it speaks volumes and I would always want others to feel the way that makes me feel when someone does that for me.
So, as this Saturday, October 10, 2015 approaches  I will be thinking of my sisters a little more than usual.  Amanda, Jeff, Caleb, & Kayla (as well as Virginia), my heart, thoughts, and prayers are with you all as you celebrate the life of your beloved Larry.  May you find peace and comfort during this sad time and reflect on all the blessings and memories you have made with him throughout the years.
Paige, my heart, thoughts, and prayers will also be with you as you stand tall and help support Amanda and her family on this very difficult day in history for you as you continue to remember Jessica and while I know the longing for her and missing her will never go away, it's my hope and prayer that you cling to all those wonderful memories you made with her as well and may there be a splash of sunshine (maybe even in the form of Jorden) to brighten your day on Saturday.
I just hate the distance makes it difficult for me to personally be there for you both, but in my heart I will be standing right beside both of you as you forge through the day on Saturday. 
I love you both and I know you hearts are breaking, but I am thankful you both have each other during this time that you can physically hug even if for a brief moment. 
              Jessica aka "Jessie Bo" 

  Our sister, Amanda & her family, Jeff,      Caleb, and Kayla 

Thinking about you all today and everyday. 

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