Thursday, July 21, 2016


Today I just needed to just step away from my desk so at lunch I drove down the street and filled up with gas and grabbed a sandwich and just went back to work and sat in the car while I ate and listened to music.  I couldn't possibly miss you more, but today I just felt a little more emotional than "normal" days.  I decided to look through my pictures on my phone (which I tend to do quite often, so nothing new about that).  However, today I was just taken right back to when you were little and it was just the two of us against the world.  Oh my gosh you were so sweet.

That sweet little smile of yours and those eyes.  Oh how those sweet little eyes would just sparkle when you smiled.  I miss all of that.  There is nothing I don't miss to be quite honest.

One of the things I love about reminiscing about you is that even through the tears, seeing your sweet little face brings a smile to my face.  I guess that's what bitter-sweet memories do.

Oh if I could visit heaven...  First, you would get pretty tired of me, because I would be there all the time.  However, if given just a moment I would give you the biggest momma bear hug ever and just not let go! 

I love you and miss you son more than words could truly ever express. 

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