Monday, December 8, 2014

Pine Sol - Still not happy

So, this weekend I had to mop my floors for the first time without my "true Original" Pine Sol and let me just say, I'm not happy!  I used Mr. Clean (not bashing them, because I'm just starting to use it) and it just wasn't the same.  I refuse to use any other scents of the Pine Sol, because since I've always used and loved the "true Original" scent, why would I change.  If I liked the others, I would have already been using them. 
I'm a creature of habit (like you wouldn't know that if you didn't know me), but more than that, when I find something I like, I do not change.  I do not adjust to change well anyway (again, no surprise to those who know me), so this is not sitting very well with me.
Then I think (when this all first happened), oh it will be like Coke and they will go back to the original.  Well, NO, that apparently isn't an option according to the person (or computer response) who responded to my letter (yes, I'm that person that wrote a letter, more than once).  The words used were very to the point, we will not be returning to the "true Original" scent.
Well, for that, Pine Sol, I will find my new "go to" cleaner and turns out, I clean a lot and once I become comfortable with a new cleaner I will remain loyal to them (unless they go changing something that isn't broken like you did).
This may seem pretty petty to most people, but I LOVED the "true Original" Pine Sol.  I DO NOT like the "new original" scent and they say it is longer lasting, no it isn't!  I've used the "true Original" Pine Sol since I was old enough to clean with a cleaner and I know how the "true Original" smells and lasts and this new isn't it.
I'm hoping Mr. Clean works out for me, because as much as I buy cleaning supplies, I am not in the mood to trying 100 different products to find one that makes me happy since I was forced to change from something that was perfectly fine! 
Until I am certain about this new product I will keep my opinion of it to myself and reserve the right or need to express those feelings until I know exactly how I do or do not like it. 
Since my stock pile of all the "true Original" Pine Sol has now been depleted I have no choice, but I am using something new under protest.
I guess only time will tell if I will like this new choice, but if the folks at Pine Sol have noticed their stock price dropping or inventory in the stores aren't moving as quickly and at the quantity it used to, it's probably due to the fact that most likely one of your largest purchasing customers is not happy with this change.  Have you never heard if it isn't broken, don't "fix" it?  Well, the "true Original" wasn't broken.
I still hold out hope that you will get it like Coke did and return to the "true Original" Pine Sol scent, because the others just are not the same and I will be boycotting any other product made by Pine Sol for that reason.  Mr. Clean, I sure hope you are not part of the Pine Sol company or you will be going bye-bye too.
Ugh!  @pinesol #frustratedcleaner  

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