Friday, April 22, 2016

Remembering Prince...

I'm not insensitive to the death of Prince or any other celebrity that passes away.  All deaths are sad and there is a tremendous loss and for some that loss is felt much more profoundly than others.

What I am actually frustrated about is the fact that there is so much media and other celebrities making such a big deal and drawing so much attention to these people, yet I don't believe, outside Chris Kyle, Pat Tillman, and a few other well-known military men/women, that these same celebrities and media outlets don't know one name of those that have died in the line of duty or after returning home.

Don't get me wrong, I don't expect the media or celebrities to make a huge deal over every military service member that passes away.  Frankly, that would sadly be a 24/7 tribute as there are men and women in our Armed Forces dying every day.  We don't hear about that.  In fact, most people on average, I believe, tend to forget we are still at war and we are still losing these young men and women daily.  If we aren't losing them on the front lines, we are losing them here at home.

Wouldn't it be nice instead of spending full days and sometimes weeks paying tribute to a fallen star, we recognize and pay tribute to them during their show and then at least acknowledge our men and women serving to protect us during their show as well.  It can be the same amount of time spent, but at least give them something.

Let's face it, if it weren't for these brave men and women, these Artists and Celebrities couldn't do what they do and have the privilege of making the kind of living they do, by doing what they love. 

That is really all I wanted to say.  I do hate that Prince died and at such a young age.  I'm an 80's girl and grew up listening to his music and I do love his music.  I loved Merle Haggard, Michael Jackson's music, and so many more.  I loved many of the celebrities that we have lost over the years as well, but I also love our military and what they sacrifice for all of us. 

It just seems that unless you are a highly paid celebrity or musician, etc. you barely (if at all) get recognized for the world losing you.  That seems really sad to me.

Please watch this video and listen to the song.  It speaks volumes
Photo by Bing Military Fallen

High School friends for life... Should not have to experience this
Honoring Chad - Camp Pendleton, CA
Chad's memorial - Camp Pendleton, CA
They should not have had to lose a brother so soon and so young
Photo by Bing Military Fallen

Photo by Bing Military Fallen -Arlington

Photo by Bing - Because I'm not heartless... In memorandum of "Prince"

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