Thursday, November 12, 2015

Crazy turn of events

Back in June/July time period I received a picture of many Marines by a white bus.  The return address was Hawaii. I had no clue who it was from. I went back to some military service members we sent home through Wings for Our Troops and nothing added up. I kept this picture with the envelope and the note that simply said "Sending you our LOVE & Prayers Every day ❤️ Love, Joe & Kim (last name blurring for their protection). The last name did not match up to anyone we sent home. I would go back and look at this picture many times since then to try and figure out who it was and nothing. Today, November 12, 2015 I receive a message from "Joe" asking if I received the picture of "Wade". I immediately said no. Several messages back and forth and suddenly I remember this picture and envelope with the vague note and realize maybe that's what he is referring to. He asks me to send him a picture of the picture and he could point him out to me. Of course I do and he sends back a pictures with a white circle around Chad! Of course I immediately begin to cry because I can't make out my own son, but once he points him out I recognize his stand and jaw line and the flashlight in his hand that broke his tooth just before loading the white bus. Again, I begin to cry but this time because I am so grateful for this little treasure. He then share a precious funny story of the first time he and Chad met and then their last encounter. I love the stories. I love the pictures. So, thank you Joe & Kim!  You have done this momma bear's heart some major good today. God Bless you both. 

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