Thursday, May 21, 2015

When a gift comes in the most unusual form

It is hard to believe that May 25, 2015 would have been Chad's 27th birthday (Tebo is getting old)!

I wasn't even sure what I would have to say this year as I've just been at a loss for words with expressing how much I miss him and how much I long to just sit down and catch up with him, but just when you feel you can't express yourself something happens to change all that.

This year I'm the one that actually received a gift for his birthday via Tia.  I had her permission to share this and for that I'm grateful. 

Tia had a dream Tuesday, May 19th and Chad was in it.  I can't do it justice so I will literally quote her so I am certain not to miss a thing.  It is quite possibly the most amazing gift I've had and I wonder if I will ever be able to express to her enough just how much it meant to me.

Tia's dream & my gift

Ok, strange setting, but I was at my church with a couple people from the congregation.  In walks you and dad.  Dad proceeded to tell us that our pastor had passed away.  He tears up, which of course makes me and you tear up.  So you and dad are sitting at a table near a door.  Dad is sitting at the edge of the table talking to people as they walk by and  you were sitting just behind him.  There is no one behind you guys.  I get up to walk over to ya'll and when I look in your direction, I see Chad sitting behind you.  You saw my eyes stare and you turned and saw him too.  He smiled, then he was gone.  Me and you begin to cry hysterically and people thought we had gone crazy.  No one else had seen him.  I woke up in a cold sweat and crying.
He was... Beautiful.  He was in a white button up Polo shirt.  He was smiling this amazing smile that just made you want to smile and cry and I don't know what else.  He looked exactly how I imagined an angel to look.

As if that wasn't enough, when I asked her if I could use her dream in my blog her response was, "Please do with it whatever you like.  I don't see it as mine.  I think in a way it was meant for you". 

Obviously I was crying and just as I sit and put all this in writing I get chills all over my body and tear up again.  This was truly a wonderful gift and one I will cherish always. 

Thank you Tia for not only loving Chad and myself enough to be used as an instrument to bring me so much joy and peace, but for sharing it with me and allowing me to share it with anyone willing to read or listen to my words. 

I'm blessed beyond measure with my bonus kids and there is never a day they don't cease to amaze me. 


  1. What a wonderful gift. I have tears of joy for you. It also help those of us that question God and his plan. Thank you for sharing.

  2. So beautiful...just when you need that gift the most it comes through for you.