Friday, February 7, 2014

Eye of the Tiger

I'm actually working on a more serious blog, but decided last night that I was too mentally tired to complete it and I felt it deserved my undivided attention.  Then today I was trying to stay motivated to keep working as it has been a long and rough few weeks at the office.  I was playing my music on my phone and the song by Katy Perry "Roar" came on and I'm hoping she doesn't mind me using her YouTube link and image of her album to hopefully provide you with some motivation.  If you haven't listened to it yet, I encourage you to do so.  I believe when you listen to it and apply the words to your own situation, you will see quickly that it applies to most all of us.  Whether you are a veteran or active service member or the family or loved one of one that is suffering with PTSD, I believe it will apply.  Just take a few moments and listen to it...  I will wait.

I believe anyone fighting through anything, regardless what it is (I include myself in this) that once you get the "eye of the tiger", you can do anything.
Yes, I am a huge Rocky fan (I know), but that is always my favorite part of all his movies (yes, I realize there are a lot) when they play that song "The Eye of The Tiger".  It gets you pumped up and motivates you to keep fighting. 

That's what I want for each of you.  Keep fighting.  You can do this and if it takes Katy Perry or anyone else to pump you up and keep you motivated, then use it! 

You owe it not only to yourself, but to your families, your children (if you have them), your fellow brothers/friends, and your fallen brothers to keep up the fight. 

None of us want to lose another one regardless if on the battle field overseas or on their own battle field at home.  If they can't get "the eye of the tiger" for themselves, you get it for them and keep helping them and push when you need to and make sure they know that we are cheering them on and will help them fight this fight if they will just let us in.  If you have someone not letting you in, keep at it.  They will eventually.  I just have to believe that.  You might have to find sly little ways to get in there, but you can do it.

There are so many inspirational people out there that live every day despite their situations, but they didn't do it along most likely.  They had people around them that encouraged them and kept them focused and helped them fight.  There may be a day you have to fight for them and that's ok too.  Just show them we will not give up on them.

So get out there everyone and "ROAR" and get the Eye of the Tiger and lets help the ones struggling and hurting.  I'm ready to fight, are you?

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