Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I've never really been one to believe in "signs" (I know Barrie Ann, you do and you know how I've always felt), but this just might have to be an exception.

Today I get a sweet little text from Ashley Whilhoitte.  They just moved into their new house just a week or so ago and she had gone out for a walk.  She is expecting a baby girl in May (turns out that is Chad's birthday month) and as she return to her new house she looked down at the sidewalk in front of their house and this is what she saw...

Really?  Right there in front of their house!  It's as though he is saying, I will always be here to watch over you and that sweet baby girl coming into this world. 

You may not have had a boy (this time) that you could name after him, but here is the greatest thing (I think) about this whole thing.  You have this sidewalk Chad that was there before you.  Ashley said it best, "Chad was already here before us".  He was!  They may not be having a boy, but they are having a little girl that will be so wrapped around her daddy's little finger it will be comical to watch and he has the sidewalk Chad that will always provide a little smile and a sense of protection always.

Besides, daddy (AKA BoBo) has always said every man should have at least 4 daughters.  Those girls take care of their daddies (sometimes too much). 

I love that they have this in front of their house and I love that they shared it with us.  It truly makes me smile from the inside out!

God truly works in mysterious ways and while I'm still iffy on the "signs", I'm pretty sure I'm going to give this one to them.  That is just too cool!

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